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Tips for finding a rental property

The ultimate test of stamina and rat cunning, house hunting pits you against hordes of affluent working professionals, career renters, young families and well-financed international students. A few simple rules will give you the edge you need.

Making sense of the purple haze

The heat makes everything so confusing. Yesterday, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology extended its palette range to include purple to deal with Australia’s current heatwave. I really can’t understand how the addition of a single colour on some weather chart can cause such hysteria.

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The power of the social media whinge

A decent whinge has always been an effective method to get your own way but some recent issues I had with a pair of Dunlop Volley’s shows that social media takes the reach and results of a whinge to a whole other level.

The A and B of Adelaide take-away

The AB is an Adelaide junk-food institution consisting of chips and Yuros meat covered in a combination of garlic and chilli sauce with lemon juice drizzled over the top. Even if you don’t end up trying one, visiting the North Adelaide Burger Bar is a reminder of what a proper Fish and Chip Shop should be.

Running Into A World Of Your Own

I came late to running. I have always tried to keep pretty active and that often included running while training for football or hockey but it was only recently that I discovered the joy of running for its own sake.