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In the hole

Punting to West was more than just recreational. He loved it; loved the thrill of a big win. Loved studying the form lines, looking for something others couldn’t see. Punting defined his existence.

It’s what we leave behind that’s tough

The house of my childhood is being demolished. Strangers in HiVis jackets and steel capped boots have already been through with sledgehammers and crowbars to gut the interior and once the bulldozer comes only a pile of rubble will remain.

Adelaide to Melbourne on The Overland

Interstate train travel in Australia isn’t undertaken for convenience or because it is the cheap option. It is by no means either. No, train travel in Australia is undertaken because that is the manner in which one prefers to travel.

One dollar. One spin.

Having visited a pub-TAB or two in our time, a few mates and I have developed a rule of thumb for betting on the pokies. It’s probably not going to solve problem gambling but it does provide a solid framework for shits and giggles.

Invasion day

When the implications of the scheduling of our trip dawned upon me, I couldn’t imagine anything more unAustralian than flying to New Zealand on Australia Day. We had an appointment with a bbq, beers and the beach at Killy for the sweet tunes of Triple J’s hottest 100. It would have ticked a lot of boxes. Yet we were giving all that up, opting for jandels, chillybins, hobbits and trum in Choicebroland.

Thumbing a ride

I did a lot of hitching when I was a kid. I never used to have trouble getting a lift but standing there in Pakenham with four-days growth and a lot less hair than I once had, I realised that I had become a skeezy old hitch-hiking weirdo. Nobody in their right mind would consider inviting me into their car. Or so I thought.

Shanghai’s secret ancient town

Frank offered to show us one of Shanghai’s hidden gems. Who could refuse an offer like that? So we jumped on the subway and made our way a short way across town. We exited the subway onto a broad commercial boulevard and the anywhere nature of our surrounds led me to question whether we had got off at the wrong stop, but just ten minutes down the road we found the Qibao Ancient Town.