Destinationq Rees Quilford

Carlton North Puppy Pre-School graduating class of May 2013.

Puppy pre-school

‘Puppy play’ is about to begin. Leads are unclipped, tails wag furiously then the puppies leap into the centre of the room. Bums are sniffed, snouts are licked and puppy wrestles break out left, right and centre.

UWH gear

Twenty years of baggage

Rummaging through twenty years of underwater hockey memories was an opportunity to reflect on my time in the sport. The act of cataloging my spare gear led me to a number of realisations.

Sunset at Monty's

Barefoot and beautiful

Tucked away on strip of white sand on the tip of Cape Gloucester in North Queensland is Monte’s Reef Resort. It’s where Justin and Brigitte chose to exchange vows.

The CMAS Underwater Hockey Elite Men's World Championship trophy

And then there were eight

The round robin is finally over. Nine games over six days for six wins, two draws and a loss means that we finished third in our side of the draw. A quarterfinal appointment with Colombia is locked in.

Channeling my inner Wonthaggi

Whether it is a recommendation from a friend, seeing a poster down at the pool or joining a club at University, all underwater hockey players remember how they found their way to the game.

Getting the first day jitters out the way

The Australian Elite teams arrived in Eger nearly a week ago. Anticipation builds and builds so that by the time the competition actually comes around you are a bundle of nervous energy. The trick is not letting those nerves affect your game.

Top 10 Underwater Hockey songs

Most of the Australian teams have been holed up in Eger for five days now. In my spare time I decided compile an Underwater Hockey themed mixed tape.