Schmick streets and Singapore Slings

Bloody Mary at the Raffles Hotel
Bloody Mary at the Raffles Hotel

Arriving a day early for our long overdue weekend of slapping about on the bottom of a pool we had a little time to sample a small section of Singapore.

For a visitor coming from any other Asian country the thing that most stands out about Singapore is the fastidious cleanliness and order. While there isn’t a police officer in sight, a million signs indicate that you can and will be fined if you so much as break wind at an inappropriate time.

We walked the river at the Quay and marveled at the maze of malls and high-rises. We explored the jumble of shops and restaurants in Little India then braved the mecca of shoddy electronic charlatans at Sim Lim Square. We were dazzled by the lights of Orchid Road and could have spent much longer at the Asian Civilizations Museum.

We completed our pre-competition preparations by heading to the Raffles. Wow man! That’s a swish hotel. Amy got herself a Singapore Sling and seeing a beer was $16, I opted instead for a cocktail at $18. Best Bloody Mary I have ever had. With those formalities out of the way we were both physically and mentally prepared for a weekend of water hockey.